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Isle of Fund HABN Island Vault Atoll Royaume de Satoshi Kingdom of X by SL Territorio LTT ST e Great Empire e S eal of Her M a j e s t y LOOT NFT WORLD POINT OF INTEREST (ARISTOCRAT'S CASTLE) PORT OF EXCLUSIVITY PEAK HERMES +7899 M HILL STATION X023 HILL STATION X012 32.40 KM The richest state in Loot NFT World. Special tablets are used to conduct high value auctions at galas and special events. The aristocrats donate 7% of their earnings to the Stakers, a special group of people, from the Great Empire. Ever since the marriage of the Sultan's daughter and the prince of X by SL, the Kingdom also donates 3% of its earnings to the Royaume De Satoshi. e S eal of Her M a j e s t y COASTLINE BORDERS HIGHEST POINT LOWEST POINT PLOTS SCALE GEOGRAPHY 93.89 KM (58.34 MILES) OCEAN, THE GREAT EMPIRE, SL PEAK HERMES +7899 M PORT OF EXCLUSIVITY 0 M 549 1:50000 THE ARISTOCRATS Kingdom of X by SL LOOT NFT WORLD PLOT X169-221121 Kingdom of X by SL LOOT NFT WORLD H.M.LNFTLandRegistry TITLE NUMBER ISSUED ADMINISTRATIVE AREA SCALE X169-221121 22 November 2021 KINGDOM OF X BY SL Type W-XBYSL: Share of 0.5% of all X by SL winning bid values based on number of NFT Stories minted (rewarded in Credits); Automatic invite to X by SL; Mint 4 NFT Stories 1/50000 OWNER ENTITLEMENT e S eal of Her M a j e s t y BOUNDARY: 1.06 KM e S eal of Her M a j e OFFICIAL PERSPECTIVE SHEET FOR FILING Indicate vantage point for each drawing. Copy and mark each sheet required prior to filing. Guide - Vantage point should be indicated as shown in the diagram: