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Isle of Fund HABN Island Vault Atoll Royaume de Satoshi Kingdom of X by SL Territorio LTT ST e Great Empire e S eal of Her M a j e s t y LOOT NFT WORLD A place of stunning beauty, Le Royaume is known for its exquisite shopping, parks, and grand boulevards. Satoshi's Lounge (the area of La Boutique and Porte Feuille) offers limited-edition and unique items only available for sale in LTT. Land, all sorts of embellishments, and widgets are sold exclusively here. All items are offered rst on auction for 24 hours (with a reserve price), and if the reserve is not met, they are listed in a buy-it-now format (reserve price, plus 10%). e S eal of Her M a j e s t y COASTLINE BORDERS HIGHEST POINT LOWEST POINT PLOTS SCALE GEOGRAPHY 131 KM (81.40 MILES) OCEAN, THE GREAT EMPIRE, X BY SL MOUNT MEROPE +3588 M THE PORT OF SATOSHI 0 M 331 1:50000 LES SULTANS Royaume de SATOSHI LOOT NFT WORLD PLOT S118-041021 MOUNT MEROPE +3588 M LE PORT DE SATOSHI POINT OF INTEREST (LA BOUTIQUE) POINT OF INTEREST (PORTE FEUILLE) MOUNT MEROPE +3588 M MOUNT APHRODITE +2391 M LE PORT DE SATOSHI 36.02 KM Lorem ipsum PLOT S114 PLOT S117 PLOT S116 PLOT S119 PLOT S118-041021 BOUNDARY: 3.69 KM PLOT S112 PLOT S279 PLOT S280 PLOT S284 PLOT S278 PLOT S111 PLOT S113 PLOT S109 PLOT S115 SL HIGHWAY Royaume de SATOSHI LOOT NFT WORLD H.M.LNFTLandRegistry TITLE NUMBER ISSUED ADMINISTRATIVE AREA SCALE S118-041021 4 October2021 ROYAUME DE SATOSHI Type W-SL: Share of 1% of all LTT redeemed based on number of NFT Stories minted (rewarded in USDC platform credits); Mint 4 NFT Stories 1/50000 OWNER ENTITLEMENT e S eal of Her M a j e s t y Lorem ipsum e S eal of Her M a j e OFFICIAL PERSPECTIVE SHEET FOR FILING Indicate vantage point for each drawing. Copy and mark each sheet required prior to filing. Guide - Vantage point should be indicated as shown in the diagram: