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Isle of Fund HABN Island Vault Atoll Royaume de Satoshi Kingdom of X by SL Territorio LTT ST e Great Empire e S eal of Her M a j e s t y LOOT NFT WORLD PORT OF FINANCE DEMETER'S OVERPASS MOUNT PLUTUS +2349 M POINT OF INTEREST (STAKEHOLDERS BUILDING) CRETOS THE DWARF'S MINE (BLOCKED) THE OLD TRACKS OF IASION 25.82 KM Often known as the "paperwork" center of Loot NFT World, the Isle of Fund is the destination for landowners to manage their plots. Plots grant rights embodied in revenue-bearing NFTs (or RB-NFTs), such as minting of NFT stories, receiving USDC platform credit rewards from the World's economic activities, and more. Its people are the leaders in NFT-wrapped instrument experimentations which occurs at the Stakeholder's Building. e S eal of Her M a j e s t y Isle of FUND LOOT NFT WORLD COASTLINE BORDERS HIGHEST POINT LOWEST POINT PLOTS SCALE GEOGRAPHY 73.54 KM (45.70 MILES) OCEAN MOUNT PLUTUS +2349 M THE DWARF'S MINE -215 M 490 1:50000 THE FINANCIERS PLOT F236-041021 PLOT F236-041021 BOUNDARY: 3.38 KM PLOT F232 PLOT F234 PLOT F231 PLOT F237 PLOT F239 PLOT F230 PLOT F240 OCEAN PLOT F235 Isle of FUND LOOT NFT WORLD H.M.LNFTLandRegistry TITLE NUMBER ISSUED ADMINISTRATIVE AREA SCALE F236-041021 4 October 2021 ISLE OF FUND Type W-IOF: Share of 0.1% of all BUN sales based on number of NFT Stories minted (rewarded in Credits); Mint 4 NFT Stories 1/50000 OWNER ENTITLEMENT e S eal of Her M a j e s t y e S eal of Her M a j e OFFICIAL PERSPECTIVE SHEET FOR FILING Indicate vantage point for each drawing. Copy and mark each sheet required prior to filing. Guide - Vantage point should be indicated as shown in the diagram: