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Certificate of Authenticity and Consignment - Art 2 Ink

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02/02/2022 USA 646-339-5955 Art 2 Ink 2017 Photography 5598PX x 4450PX Guerilla smoke grenade last minute photoshoot with VH1 & MTV reality star Puma at his tattoo shop in Harlem,NY Famous In Real Life Photography Croft 002 Ayla Croft Puma and I have worked together many times and became fast friends. He is very genuine and laid back regardless of his celebrity status. Low key, yet dynamic, Puma is someone you never forget. I had an event in NYC, as well as some extra smoke grenades in my camera bag, so when we headed back to his tattoo shop, Art 2 Ink, I asked if the crew would like to have some fun in the streets of Harlem. Of course they were down, yet had never tried these smoke grenades before. The reactions from both them as well as the neighborhood got my adrenaline going so hard I was hooked. This was one of my favorite shoots I have ever done and we have so many more planned. You can find Puma on IG at Ayla Croft 02/02/2022 Sigmund Holtz 02/02/2022 Ayla Croft Art 2 Ink Croft 002 Famous In Real Life Ayla Croft 02/02/2022 02/02/2022 Sigmund Holtz Image 1 Main View Fit to Page Ayla Croft Image 2 Full View Centered to Page Image 3 Zoom View Fit to Page Image 4 Card View Fit to Layout Edit Nft Number in set 1 1 Art 2 Ink FAMOUS IN REAL LIFE

Certificate of Authenticity and Consignment - Art 2 Ink