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Loot NFT World

Isle of Fund HABN Island Vault Atoll Royaume de Satoshi Kingdom of X by SL Territorio LTT ST e Great Empire e S eal of Her M a j e s t y LOOT NFT WORLD The largest surface area of all of the realms, the great empire is the most populous country and second only as economic powerhouse to X by SL. Within its borders, the parliament sits, banks issue BUN, LTT, and USDC credits, auctions happen in the arena, NFTs are minted and custodied, in addition to containing other commercial activities. Following the last war, border controls are tight and only persons invited can come in. e S eal of Her M a j e s t y COASTLINE BORDERS HIGHEST POINT LOWEST POINT PLOTS SCALE GEOGRAPHY 462.64 KM (287.47 MILES) OCEAN, ROYAUME DE SATOSHI, X BY SL & TERRITORIO LTT ST MOUNT ARES +8120 M NFT PORT 0 M 2284 1:50000 HER MAJESTY'S GATED WORLD The Great EMPIRE LOOT NFT WORLD THE GREAT WALL OF THE NORTH THE WITCH'S WOODS SOUTH RESERVE Vault Atoll PORT OF THE VAULT 129.07 KM PARLIAMENT INTERCHANGE TOWER DWARF'S CHAMBER ARENA CROWN'S PODIUM ACCOUNTANT'S LAIR LOOT VAULT VAULT ATOLL BURN CABIN THE FORGER NFT PORT CONTROL TOWER BANKER'S COVE THE GATE GUARD'S QUARTERS The Great EMPIRE LOOT NFT WORLD PLOT L0005-160721 BOUNDARY: 0.60 KM PLOT L0007-160721 PLOT L0008-160721 PLOT L0006-160721 THE CROWN"S RAMP H.M.LNFTLandRegistry TITLE NUMBER ISSUED ADMINISTRATIVE AREA SCALE L0005-160721 16 July 2021 THE GREAT EMPIRE Type P: List items for auction and receive the proceeds thereof (in USDC); Mint 4 NFT Stories 1/50000 OWNER ENTITLEMENT e S eal of Her M a j e s t y e S eal of Her M a j e OFFICIAL PERSPECTIVE SHEET FOR FILING Indicate vantage point for each drawing. Copy and mark each sheet required prior to filing. Guide - Vantage point should be indicated as shown in the diagram: