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Rankings Scoring Table How We Assess A User's Rank? We first assign scores to user activity. Below is a list of activities and their corresponding scores. This list will be expanded over time, and the scores may be amended by the Parliament (member-governance group). (1) Degrees 1st Degree - 100 Pts 2nd Degree - 500 Pts 3rd Degree - 2,000 Pts 4th Degree - 3,000 Pts 5th Degree - 10,000 Pts (2) For each NFTs won, this equals 10 Pts. (3) For each LTT mined, divide by 250, then round down, and that equals the number of Pts for that activity. (4) All registered users get 1 Pt. Once only. (5) All registered users that have bought at least 1 BUN pack receives 25 Pts. Once only. LOOT NFT WORLD