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Lootverse Information Sheet

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An Overview Lootverse is decentralized fantasy parallel world accessed virtually or in person. Participants in NFT-powered attractions shape the story and culture of this alternate reality. They battle for NFTs, govern in a virtual parliament, and mine a currency to buy items such as rare land in the metaverse granting real-world bene ts. Ecosystem Speci cities. Tokens (i) Bid Units (BUN). The tokens are limited to 500 million and have a xed price of 0.20 USDC ERC20 each. They are used as accounting units in battle-bidding auctions. (ii) Loot Tickets (LTT). The Proof of Play mining protocol regulates the rate of LTT issuance, and their circulating supply are reduced when they are redeemed for products and services (i.e., burned). LTT prices are at market prices set by holders of LTT. (iii) Credits. In-World fuel to purchase BUN, LTT and to pay for shipping. Each Credit issued is backed by a corresponding USDC ERC20 in custody. When USDC ERC20 leaves the ecosystem, the credits are burned. (iv) NFTs. Digital and Digital and Physical, wrapped in contracts granting rights and bene ts. Minted rst on LNFTxHABN, and capable of extraction to other chains. Team Tokenomics Speci cs (i) Capital raised: None, no raises planned. (ii) BUN Team Allocation: None. (iii) LTT Team Allocation or Reserves: None. (iv) Plots distributed for free: None. The team reserved eight hundred eighty (880) plots for purchase at 50 LTT each. Four thousand (4,000) plots are available for sale to the public. (v) Ecosystem Revenues: One hundred percent (100%) directed to plot owners (including common ground plots). Bene ts and rewards received depend on plot zonings. General Information (i) Blockchain: LNFTxHABN that can bridge to other chains. (ii) Metaverse: Loot NFT World (iii) Physical Locations: By plot owners (currently, 2 locations and growing). (iv) Modules: (i) Loot Arena (battle-bidding for NFTs and mining), (ii) Loot NFT World (NFT gallery, and social interactions), (iii) The Fund (metaverse/multiverse real estate fund), (iv) Satoshi's Lounge (e-commerce), and (v) HABN (permissioned blockchain). A Lootversian Experiment. Lootverse is a parallel world with 4,880 plots discovered in 2021. Loot tickets (LTT) are the currency Lootizens use to buy products and services. LTT is mined by participation in battle-bidding auctions (the number one game in Lootverse). It is used to purchase physical or digital products and pay for services. Plot owners own licenses to improve their land, mint NFTs depicting historical events from their plots, create gateways on earth for Earthers to visit Lootverse physically. Lootverse has a self-regulating economy that Lootizens control from their parliament. Slowly, Lootizens are developing their own unique lifestyles (i.e., innovative applications, fashion styles, culinary avors, etc.). They are also forging diplomatic relations with the people of earth and their governments. Lootversian ingenuity and technology, powered by LTT, could be applied on earth, cross-dimension. For more information, click on the following link. 2 November 2021 Loot NFT Co, LLC (WY) Information Sheet