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Loot NFT Flyers

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For more information: Join, buy Bid Units (BUNs), and bid for unique non-fungible tokens (NFTs) part of a themed set in a highly gamified auction environment. In the process, you support creators around the world and compete to collect sets that unlocks jaw-dropping mystery gifts and BUN rewards. Combining a limited supply of BUNs with a time-locked wallet generates a crazy type of entertainment. Our patent pending process can now be experienced by our members. Warning: the game mechanics on Loot NFT is an experiment that may lead you to be glued to your screen for hours on end. For more information: Step Into Our Invite-Only, Battle-Bidding Arena Connector We pay creators and re-listers of NFTs in USDC following the completion of auctions, less our fees. Re-Listers (USDC) Creators (USDC) Loot NFT User Wallet The Oven Collects BUNs spent by members and distributes them back every Sunday. Blockchain We will shortly run our permissioned blockhain, which we intend to mesh with Cardano smart contracts to create a decentralized experience. Transfer Out NFTs are minted on the LNFT Blockchain. You can transfer it out to your blockchain of choice. I Won! You now own a digital or digital and physical creation. Complete Set Completing a simple majority of a set gets you more BUNs out of the Oven. Completing a full set gives you a jaw-dropping mystery gift. Re-List You can re-list NFTs to attract members hunting for NFTs to complete their sets. BUN Sales Only 500m BUNs will ever be issued. BUNs recirculate back to us to resell to members. Rewards Members receive BUN rewards from the Oven based on the level of their participation in auctions. Your unique work is tokenized in an NFT and listed in the arena. Bidders in the battle pit bid on it to own it and complete sets. Your work is discovered and you get paid. But the biggest asset of all is your brand breaks out. Welcome to the future. Traditional Curators Marketers Gallerists We combine all of those functions around our gamified auction. The Alternative Critics Schmoozing