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Addendum to the Lootverse Consultative Paper 2022

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Addendum to the Lootverse Consultative Paper 2022 [1] Section A.2 (iii) (5) now reads as follows: The footprint of common areas in square feet (e.g., for lobby, garages, etc.). Common areas on each floor must be at least in the ratio of 1:10 (common areas to unit areas on that floor). Common areas for all other public spaces, such as entertainment, egress, and the like, must be at least in the ratio of 1:5 (common areas to unit areas on all floors). The uses of common areas must not be labeled on the plan. [2] Section A.2 (iv) and (v) have been combined together for automation. Inputting Building and Unit Data (this replaces figure 7 and 8) 8 March 2022, The Great Empire 1 of 8 1. Enter the building name (must match the building name in the CSV file). 2. Attach the building and unit plan (pdf) and the building data (CSV). 3. Building data in the CSV file must be entered in the same format as that required by the system. For ease, you can download the CSV template. 4. The CSV template requires the following to be entered: Column 1: Building ID Column 2: Building Display Name (this will appear on the map) Column 3: Building Footprint Area (square feet) Column 4: Building Footprint Length Column 5: Building Footprint Width Column 6: Floor Number Column 7: Floor Footprint Area Column 8: Floor Height Column 9: Floor Length Column 10: Floor Width Column 11: Unit Number/General Common Area/Floor Common Area Label Column 12: Unit/Common Area Footprint Area (square feet) Column 13: Unit/Common Area Meta Description (if any) The system will then perform checks and calculations to ensure the integrity of the entered design data. If all the checks are successful, it will then save the data and provide the number of units in the building, the height of the building, and the density (low, medium, high). A saving prevention spam fee of 0.01 LTT applies for each saves to prevent system abuses. 8 March 2022, The Great Empire 2 of 8 [3] Section A.2 (vi) has been revised as to process as follows: Site map mockup (replaces figure 9) 1. A plot number is chosen. 2. An SVG file is uploaded and X-Y coordinates of an anchor entered. This file will then be extracted into geometric shapes drawn on the map. The proper file format is required. Shapes must be polygonal and enclosed areas. 3. Click on a shape, the area is highlighted and a tooltip is displayed. Choose the label for the shape. Note that, for buildings, it will show the un-minted 8 March 2022, The Great Empire 3 of 8 building NFTs only (buildings previously placed cannot be changed). The shape and colors for the map will be applied automatically. 4. Pre-generated items, such as an NREP or a Utility Plant, can only be included on the plots where applicable (plot owner must purchase those plants). NREPs are only available for plots with a natural resource field. 5. Areas for access roads to the main Lootversian roadways must be placed for all landlocked plots. These are along boundary lines. 6. Once the plan is approved, it is published to the site (excluded un-minted buildings). When minting occurs, the building will show on the map. 7. Deleting shapes is allowed except for buildings. 8. The setback for the plots on the site map only takes into account the actual building shapes. The system will not allow anyone to place information within a 30 ft setback unless it is labeled as an access road (and provided such access road has not previously been provided). Access roads on the beach in front of other plots are not allowed if there is another path to the main road. [4] Section A.2 (vii) has been revised as follows. Density calculation fees are as follows: (a) Low density, 1–50 units: 50 LTT (b) Medium density, 51–1,000 units: 500 LTT (c) High density, 1,001–5,000 units: 1,500 LTT The cost of minting each unit remains at 1 LTT. 8 March 2022, The Great Empire 4 of 8 [5] The building and unit minting has been revised and combined in one step. The new mockup layout (this replaces figure 11 and 12) Choose the unit to mint. If the building has not been minted, the system will first mint the building, then the unit. Over time, some additional checks will be introduced to completely automate the process and only overflow for approval in the case of an issue. [6] Questions and Answers 1. What is meant by Orientation? We need to know the Orientation of the building to the true north. So long as the drawing shows true north, the building position is expected to be that Orientation. There is no need to provide exact angles. Once the true north is identified, buildings and units are placed in that frame of reference. 8 March 2022, The Great Empire 5 of 8 2. Why do we not want common areas to be labeled? Units are base layer NFTs and must provide information that cannot be changed in time. The description of common areas is solely for visualization purposes. For example, a common area can be changed from an elevator to stairs. Including the details in the NFT will restrict future amendments to the structure since the NFT cannot be altered if annotated. 3. Are we going to provide an uploaded spreadsheet for units per building? Yes. 4. What is the process of creating a site plan? First, it is best to create the site plan on the fully rendered plot to scale. Use the X-Y coordinates provided for the plot to identify the placement of the building (X-Y coordinates), which you place with the map. 5. When can a building be minted as an NFT? You must have saved all of the building data and placed it on the site map. You can then mint the building as an NFT. Only the building minted will show on the map. Hence, each building has a unique name to differentiate it in our database. 6. Are there costs for roads? No, roads' costs are included in the site maps approval. 8 March 2022, The Great Empire 6 of 8 7. What is the amount of renters allowed per unit? Only one (1) Lootizen can own or rent a unit (multiple tenancies per unit are not allowed). However, that Lootizen may hold several residences. [7] Sky Map and Stars (section for Curators Only) The following information is added to the Lootverse Consultative Paper 2022, in relation to the Sky Map and stars placements. Placing stars in the Sky Map. 8 March 2022, The Great Empire 7 of 8 1. Only Curators can place Arena NFTs in the Sky Map for full sets (no partial sets). Once the NFT has been put in the Upcoming this functionality is available for all. 2. First, a plot is chosen to identify the area in which the stars are to be placed. The set name is chosen and the era. Eras can layer different constellations within the same area and provide the illusion of depth to the Sky Map by jumping light-years within the current plot boundaries. 3. The description of constellations may be provided for a side panel that takes people through the story behind them. One additional form of media is provided. Links can also be provided. 4. Upon hover, the NFT will be showcased and the constellation drawn. 5. All stars in a constellation must amount to 50 pixels combined. This means that some stars may be bigger than others. The pixel sizes are temporary at the moment and may be amended. Each star may be white, yellow, red, or blue. End of Addendum 8 March 2022, The Great Empire 8 of 8

Addendum to the Lootverse Consultative Paper 2022