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Certificate of Authenticity and Consignment - Wyvern Covenant

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Gaisindai Gangmei AYA-000139 India +918413020515 Sep 14 2022 Wyvern Covenant Digital Painting Faceless 2021 Photoshop 6299 × 3150 px A wyvern forms a covenant with the fighter beings, dooming it to dedicate its entire life to serve and fight for them. I am Gaisindai Gangmei (artist name: -SIN-), an artist from India. Art has always been my passion, and I am a Fine Arts graduate. While I worked with traditional mediums in college, I subsequently turned to digital art after seeing a considerable number of inspirational artworks by digital artists. I draw inspiration from animations, sci-fi, fantasy films, and video games, and this set reflects that. I create digital paintings, concept art, and illustrations. I loved drawing as a child, but I only made it a priority in my life recently. When I got my drawing tablet, I quickly started to love the flexibility and speed of the digital environment. I spend most of my time painting and sketching, consolidating my skills with tutorials, and experimenting with styles and techniques. I looked at many artworks by professional artists, curious about what brushes they used, their painting styles, then picked on the things I could apply to my own style. Wyvern Covenant: A wyvern is summoned by the fighter beings for the former to show allegiance to them by serving and fighting for them. The beast agrees to the covenant and dedicates its life to the fighter beings. AYA-000139 Gaisindai Gangmei -SIN- Wyvern Covenant Faceless Sep 14 2022 I s h a n t A y a d a s s e n Gaisindai Gangmei Sep 14 2022 Sep 14 2022 Signatures Date: ____________________ Signature: ____________________ Clyde Bonne Sep 13 2022 Date: ____________________ Signature: ____________________ Matias Duval Sep 13 2022

Certificate of Authenticity and Consignment - Wyvern Covenant