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Certificate of Authenticity and Consignment - Venezuela B

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CREATOR'S CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY 1. Creator Identi cation Details Date: Name: 2. Artwork Information Title: Category: Medium: Dimensions: Description: Themed Set Title: Year of Completion: Type: Digital Only Digital and Physical Please tick where appropriate Reference: Country: Artist Web Link: Contact Number: Email: Surname: Page 1 of 5 Nov 5th, 2021 ĂǀŝĚ ĂŶĞŐĂƐ United States PRIVATE Venezuela X Fiat Kryptonite 2021 Mixed Media Painting (max. 125 Characters) Disruptive and decentralized, Bitcoin helps citizens living in communist or impoverished nations to survive fiat meltdowns. 30" x 24" DB2584 CREATOR'S CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY 2. Artwork Information (continued) Artist Statement - A detailed story about the work for viewer's understanding. Link to show the production of the creation (if any): Page 2 of 5 "Having been born in Bolivia, South America, I have seen firsthand how bad monetary policies, graft, and communism have worn down the economic prosperity of my fellow countrymen and of those living in surrounding nations. As in the case of Venezuela, Bitcoin has been adopted, to offer some level of stable commerce. In these pieces, I wanted to try and capture the dichotomy between what most consider to be the ultimate nationalistic symbolism, a countries flag, and the rebellious nature of a non-government sanctioned, overly regulated form of alternative currency. Bitcoin. As with all of my non-commissioned work, I try to draw inspiration from subject matter that resonates with me. As an established artist just entering the NFT space, I am fascinated with and learning more and more about Blockchain technology every day. I wanted my first NFT pieces to hold some historical reference to the time at which they were created. Perhaps in the not too distant future, a different digital currency with faster transaction speed and greater ease of use will be adopted by the masses in these countries. But for the time being, Bitcoin is doing the job." NA CREATOR'S CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY 3. Statement of Authenticity I, the undersigned creator, certify that the work described herein is my own and that I produced the same as an original, authentic, and unique one of one creation. This work will not be duplicated nor reproduced for future commercial gain. I certify that the above information and statements are true and correct. Photograph Inset of Work Creator's Name: Address: Signature: Signature: Company Stamp: Date: Creator's Agent Company Name: NFT Curation Partner Inc AJ Amado 936 SW 1st Ave, Suite 963, Miami, FL 33130 The Agent Authorized Representative: Date: Page 3 of 5 Nov 5th, 2021 Nov 5th, 2021 David Banegas AGENCY REPRESENTATION & CONSIGNMENT (a) I acknowledge that the below listed person is my agent and that I have granted that agent with full authority to list my creation for online auction at under a consignment sale transaction. My agent has explained the particulars of listing my creation for auction on, and I have understood the terms thereof, in particular, (i) the manner in which the proceeds of the auction are calculated and the creator's share of the proceeds to be received by my agent; (ii) the manner in which Loot NFT Co LLC pays, and when; that, (iii) an auction's end time is not fixed and could last hours, days or weeks; (iv) by listing my creation for auction on consignment, I have waived my rights to negotiate an outright sale of the same to Loot NFT Co LLC; and (v) that Loot NFT LLC contracts with my agent and not directly with me, and as such I represent that I have given full rights and authority to my agent to deal with Loot NFT Co LLC in relation to the sale of my creation on consignment, and that I shall have no claim against Loot NFT Co LLC in the event my agent does not pay me the creator's share of the proceeds from the auction of my creation. (b) I understand and agree that all sales are final and transfers the ownership and all rights to my creation to another. I certify that the creation conveyed and transferred at the auction is free and clear of all claims, liens, security interests, obligations and all other encumbrances of any kind or nature whatsoever. (c) I ACKNOWLEDGE AND REPRESENT THAT I HAVE CONSULTED WITH INDEPENDENT LEGAL COUNSEL REGARDING MY RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS FOR THE LISTING OF MY CREATION BY MY AGENT FOR AUCTION ON LOOTNFT.IO, TO THE EXTENT THAT I DETERMINED NECESSARY OR APPROPRIATE, AND THAT I FULLY UNDERSTAND THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SAID SUNJECT MATTER. Page 4 of 5 Date: Creator's Name: Reference: Creation Title: Themed Set Title: David Banegas Venezuela Fiat Kryptonite Nov 5th, 2021 DB2584 AGENCY REPRESENTATION & CONSIGNMENT Page 5 of 5 Subject to the terms of our partnership contract with Loot NFT Co LLC, we hereby unconditionally instruct Loot NFT Co LLC to list the abovementioned creation, on behalf of the creator that we represent as listed above, for auction at Creator's Name: Address: Signature: Signature: Company Stamp: Date: Creator's Agent Company Name: NFT Curation Partners Inc AJ Amado 936 SW 1st Ave, Suite 963, Miami, FL 33130 The Agent Authorized Representative: Date: David Banegas Nov 5th, 2021 Nov 5th, 2021

Certificate of Authenticity and Consignment - Venezuela B