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Certificate of Authenticity and Consignment - The Setting Sun

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Mikhalkova Belarus 5/21/22 Tanya +375 (44) 564-76-11 The Setting Sun The world through my eyes 2022 In nite Painter 4456*3187 px Evening, sky, warm rays of the setting sun. Mikhalkova004 The setting sun, gently warming us with its warmth. The sunset has a truly magnetic magic. They strive to see him, capture him in paintings, photographs, describe in words. In the rays of sunset, people express their feelings, make proposals, or simply, without words, sit in an embrace, bowing their heads towards each other. I was reminded of this good artist Claude Monet, and his painting "Impression. Rising Sun." A sudden inspiration came to the artist when he saw the view from the window in his hometown. I also wanted to capture the setting sun with my own hands and convey all the beauty and warmth in my own way. 5/21/22 Tanya Mikhalkova 5/21/22 5/21/22 Tanya Mikhalkova tvanglubm The world through my eyes The Setting Sun Mikhalkova004 5/21/22 Tanya Mikhalkova 5/21/22 NFT 1 F C H AGENCY REPRESENTATION & CONSIGNMENT Artwork Display Images (For Curator Use Only): Display 1 Display 2 Display 3 Display 4 For video, audio and animated content kindly display the Media Background Image. Page 6 of 6

Certificate of Authenticity and Consignment - The Setting Sun