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Certificate of Authenticity and Consignment - The First Born

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Satwik Srivastava AYA-000143 India +918840863833 Sep 13 2022 The First Born Illustrations Uncertain Beginnings 2022 Blender, UE5 and Adobe Photoshop 5228 x 2612 px When Talos was born, Niefel created the harpies, who abducted the child and left him on a deserted island. My name is Satwik. I am 21 and I live in India. I started my artistic journey with making portrait sketches. After that, I switched to digital platforms like blender photoshop and unreal engine, making concept art and illustrations of genres like sci-fi, medieval time, fantasy, post-apocalyptic, etc. My art style is mostly realistic. My dream is to create art for AAA games like "The Last of Us" and "Uncharted." Danar Worya and Eytan Zana are great inspirations to me The First Born: Talos, the son of Kempe and Fegra, the king and queen of the gods, was destined for greatness. On hearing the birth of Talos, Niefel created malicious beings called harpies. She sent them to abduct Talos. They took Talos to a deserted island and left him there. Niefel wanted Talos to know a fate worse than death. AYA-000143 Satwik Srivastava Satwik The First Born Uncertain Beginnings Sep 13 2022 I s h a n t A y a d a s s e n Satwik Srivastava Sep 13 2022 Sep 13 2022 Signatures Date: ____________________ Signature: ____________________ Clyde Bonne Sep 13 2022 Date: ____________________ Signature: ____________________ Matias Duval Sep 13 2022

Certificate of Authenticity and Consignment - The First Born