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Certificate of Authenticity and Consignment - Oxygen

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CREATOR'S CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY 1. Creator Identi cation Details Date: Name: 2. Artwork Information Title: Category: Medium: Dimensions: Description: Themed Set Title: Year of Completion: Type: Digital Only Digital and Physical Please tick where appropriate (max. 125 Characters) Reference: Country: Artist Web Link: Contact Number: Email: Surname: Page 1 of 3 Oxygen x mixed media Periodic Table of Elements Digital gif 3,296,965 bytes 08/16/2021 Robert DiMatteo USA 973-981-1036 2011 Oxygen sustains all life – it's molecules are buoyant and blue – it is our sky and our oceans – Oxygen is elusive 4ir#0017 CREATOR'S CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY 2. Artwork Information (continued) Artist Statement - A detailed story about the work for viewer's understanding. Link to show the production of the creation (if any): Page 2 of 3 This work is part of an ongoing project that involves a visual interpretation of the Periodic Table of Elements through paintings, drawings and gouaches. As an artist and teacher science has always been an influence on my work and therefore, I am in constant consideration of the relationship of art and science – two disciplines that share much in terms of thought process, discovery and invention. The purpose of this project is to bring a keen realization and connection to the "Elements of the Periodic Table" which make up the entirety of the physical world. All of the elements share a remarkable origin in that they are the consequences of the birth and death of stars. Everything on Earth is made up of these elements, including us, and it is truly astounding to realize that we are, in fact, "the stuff of stars". Intrinsic to this, is the importance and significance of the elements to our lives and that it is incumbent upon us to consider these resources carefully and utilize them responsibly. My intention is to interpret 60 elements, which is approximately the number of elements known at the time that Mendeleyev created the table. I plan to divide the project up into three parts, each part comprised of 20 elements; each element represented by a painting, drawing, and gouache, which would constitute 60 works in all. The entire project will consist of 180 works. When complete, it is my intention to have it acquired by a museum or institution where it can be presented in its entirety. CREATOR'S CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY 3. Statement of Authenticity I, the undersigned creator, certify that the work described herein is my own and that I produced the same as an original, authentic, and unique one of one creation. This work will not be duplicated nor reproduced for future commercial gain. I certify that the above information and statements are true and correct. Photograph Inset of Work Creator's Name: Address: Signature: Signature: Company Stamp: Date: Creator's Agent Company Name: 4IR NFT trading as J+E Digital (IO) Ltd Jailesh Raggoo 4, Osman Khodabacus Street, Beau Bassin, Mauritius The Agent Authorized Representative: Date: Page 3 of 3 Robert DiMatteo 08/16/2021 08/09/2021 AGENCY REPRESENTATION & CONSIGNMENT (a) I acknowledge that the below listed person is my agent and that I have granted that agent with full authority to list my creation for online auction at under a consignment sale transaction. My agent has explained the particulars of listing my creation for auction on, and I have understood the terms thereof, in particular, (i) the manner in which the proceeds of the auction are calculated and the creator's share of the proceeds to be received by my agent; (ii) the manner in which Loot NFT Co LLC pays, and when; that, (iii) an auction's end time is not fixed and could last hours, days or weeks; (iv) by listing my creation for auction on consignment, I have waived my rights to negotiate an outright sale of the same to Loot NFT Co LLC; and (v) that Loot NFT LLC contracts with my agent and not directly with me, and as such I represent that I have given full rights and authority to my agent to deal with Loot NFT Co LLC in relation to the sale of my creation on consignment, and that I shall have no claim against Loot NFT Co LLC in the event my agent does not pay me the creator's share of the proceeds from the auction of my creation. (b) I understand and agree that all sales are final and transfers the ownership and all rights to my creation to another. I certify that the creation conveyed and transferred at the auction is free and clear of all claims, liens, security interests, obligations and all other encumbrances of any kind or nature whatsoever. (c) I ACKNOWLEDGE AND REPRESENT THAT I HAVE CONSULTED WITH INDEPENDENT LEGAL COUNSEL REGARDING MY RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS FOR THE LISTING OF MY CREATION BY MY AGENT FOR AUCTION ON LOOTNFT.IO, TO THE EXTENT THAT I DETERMINED NECESSARY OR APPROPRIATE, AND THAT I FULLY UNDERSTAND THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SAID SUBJECT MATTER. Page 1 of 2 Date: Creator's Name: Reference: Creation Title: Themed Set Title: 08/16/2021 Robert DiMatteo Oxygen Periodic Table of Elements 4ir#0017 AGENCY REPRESENTATION & CONSIGNMENT Page 2 of 2 Subject to the terms of our partnership contract with Loot NFT Co LLC, we hereby unconditionally instruct Loot NFT Co LLC to list the abovementioned creation, on behalf of the creator that we represent as listed above, for auction at Creator's Name: Address: Signature: Signature: Company Stamp: Date: Creator's Agent Company Name: 4IR NFT trading as J+E Digital (IO) Ltd Jailesh Raggoo 4, Osman Khodabacus Street, Beau Bassin, Mauritius The Agent Authorized Representative: Date: Robert DiMatteo 08/16/2021 08/09/2021

Certificate of Authenticity and Consignment - Oxygen