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Certificate of Authenticity and Consignment - Lighthouse

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02/12/2022 Mauritius Lighthouse 596PX x 720PX A good mindset helps us overcome obstacles and doubt, like a lighthouse that warns mariners of dangerous and rocky paths. Digital animation Ingersin002 Valerie Ingersin 646-339-5955 Painted leaf digitally animated 2022 Grounded Mindset The lighthouse traditionally means hope and security, guidance for sailors. It comes with a powerful light and long-trusted by all navigators. It's the same with our mindset, we should always have a focus and disciplined mindset that may guide us on any life decision we might be taking. Be grounded, Be positive, have hope and move forward. A good mindset will help us overcome obstacles or doubt just like the lighthouse which serve to warn mariners of rocky coast or dangerous path while reaching their destination. We should all keep in mind that our only hope and security is to hold fast to what we know is good as well as positive to us. Valerie Ingersin 02/12/2022 1 Sigmund Holtz Ingersin002 02/12/2022 Lighthouse Valerie Ingersin Grounded Mindset Valerie Ingersin 02/12/2022 Sigmund Holtz 02/12/2022 Image 1 Main View Fit to Page Valerie Ingersin Image 2 Full View Centered to Page Example Image 3 Zoom View Fit to Page Image 4 Card View Fit to Layout Edit Nft Number in set 2 2 Lighthouse GROUNDED MINDSET

Certificate of Authenticity and Consignment - Lighthouse