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Certificate of Authenticity and Consignment - Deal Gone Wrong

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Gaisindai Gangmei AYA-000142 India +918413020515 Sep 14 2022 Deal Gone Wrong Digital Painting Faceless 2021 Photoshop 6724 × 3362 px Some amateurs were treated as collateral damage and left for dead in a secret operation to kill a kingpin. I am Gaisindai Gangmei (artist name: -SIN-), an artist from India. Art has always been my passion, and I am a Fine Arts graduate. While I worked with traditional mediums in college, I subsequently turned to digital art after seeing a considerable number of inspirational artworks by digital artists. I draw inspiration from animations, sci-fi, fantasy films, and video games, and this set reflects that. I create digital paintings, concept art, and illustrations. I loved drawing as a child, but I only made it a priority in my life recently. When I got my drawing tablet, I quickly started to love the flexibility and speed of the digital environment. I spend most of my time painting and sketching, consolidating my skills with tutorials, and experimenting with styles and techniques. I looked at many artworks by professional artists, curious about what brushes they used, their painting styles, then picked on the things I could apply to my own style. Deal Gone Wrong: A secret meeting is organized with a kingpin, with the intention to overtake his operations and kill him. Unfortunately, the amateurs were slain in the process. AYA-000142 Gaisindai Gangmei -SIN- Deal Gone Wrong Faceless Sep 14 2022 I s h a n t A y a d a s s e n Gaisindai Gangmei Sep 14 2022 Sep 14 2022 Signatures Date: ____________________ Signature: ____________________ Clyde Bonne Sep 13 2022 Date: ____________________ Signature: ____________________ Matias Duval Sep 13 2022

Certificate of Authenticity and Consignment - Deal Gone Wrong