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Certificate of Authenticity and Consignment Archipelago

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CREATOR'S CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY 1. Creator Identi cation Details Date: Name: 2. Artwork Information Title: Category: Medium: Dimensions: Description: Themed Set Title: Year of Completion: Type: Digital Only Digital and Physical Please tick where appropriate (max. 125 Characters) Reference: Country: Artist Web Link: Contact Number: Email: Surname: Page 1 of 3 01/09/2021 Willem Smit South Africa +27 79 542 3327 Archipelago Detailed Illustrations 2018 Digital illustration 2224 × 1668 A heavily detailed archipelago of earthy colours, pseudo-tribal patterns and deliberate blemishes in a sea of negative space. 4IR#0018 Works with Quirks CREATOR'S CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY 2. Artwork Information (continued) Artist Statement - A detailed story about the work for viewer's understanding. Link to show the production of the creation (if any): Page 2 of 3 Archipelago, my first ever digital detailed drawing, came into existence while on holiday with family back in 2018. What I instantly loved about testing out the digital art realm was the ability to fully erase colour on even the darkest of colours to create beautiful stark patterns that reveal whatever is on the layer beneath. I enjoyed experimenting with the pressure sensitivity of my Apple Pencil on my iPad and throughout this testing and playing, organic shapes that I would never have thought of were rendered almost effortlessly. Very soon, Archipelago took shape and it got easier and easier to weave in more and more complexity to the work, such as lines in the 'straits' (white background) that flow between the 'islands' (the large patterned colourful shapes). This worked helped me consolidate my current art style and inspired a wave of organically detailed illustration works, such as Bag o' Patterns and Siyanse . Willem Smit 01/09/2021 AGENCY REPRESENTATION & CONSIGNMENT (a) I acknowledge that the below listed person is my agent and that I have granted that agent with full authority to list my creation for online auction at under a consignment sale transaction. My agent has explained the particulars of listing my creation for auction on, and I have understood the terms thereof, in particular, (i) the manner in which the proceeds of the auction are calculated and the creator's share of the proceeds to be received by my agent; (ii) the manner in which Loot NFT Co LLC pays, and when; that, (iii) an auction's end time is not fixed and could last hours, days or weeks; (iv) by listing my creation for auction on consignment, I have waived my rights to negotiate an outright sale of the same to Loot NFT Co LLC; and (v) that Loot NFT LLC contracts with my agent and not directly with me, and as such I represent that I have given full rights and authority to my agent to deal with Loot NFT Co LLC in relation to the sale of my creation on consignment, and that I shall have no claim against Loot NFT Co LLC in the event my agent does not pay me the creator's share of the proceeds from the auction of my creation. (b) I understand and agree that all sales are final and transfers the ownership and all rights to my creation to another. I certify that the creation conveyed and transferred at the auction is free and clear of all claims, liens, security interests, obligations and all other encumbrances of any kind or nature whatsoever. (c) I ACKNOWLEDGE AND REPRESENT THAT I HAVE CONSULTED WITH INDEPENDENT LEGAL COUNSEL REGARDING MY RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS FOR THE LISTING OF MY CREATION BY MY AGENT FOR AUCTION ON LOOTNFT.IO, TO THE EXTENT THAT I DETERMINED NECESSARY OR APPROPRIATE, AND THAT I FULLY UNDERSTAND THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SAID SUBJECT MATTER. Page 1 of 2 Date: Creator's Name: Reference: Creation Title: Themed Set Title: 01/09/2021 Willem Smit Archipelago 4IR#0018 Works with Quirks Willem Smit 01/09/2021

Certificate of Authenticity and Consignment Archipelago