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Loot NFT World

Isle of Fund HABN Island Vault Atoll Rayaume de Satoshi Kingdom of X by SL Territorio LTT ST e Great Empire e S eal of Her M a j e s t y LOOT NFT WORLD The richest state in Loot NFT World. Special tablets are used to conduct high value auctions at galas and special events. The aristocrats donate 7% of their earnings to the Stakers, a special group of people, from the Great Empire. Ever since the marriage of the Sultan's daughter and the prince of X by SL, the Kingdom also donates 3% of its earnings to the Royaume De Satoshi. e S eal of Her M a j e s t y COASTLINE BORDERS HIGHEST POINT LOWEST POINT PLOTS SCALE GEOGRAPHY 93.89 KM (58.34 MILES) OCEAN, THE GREAT EMPIRE, SL PEAK HERMES +7899 M PORT OF EXCLUSIVITY 0 M 550 1:50000 THE ARISTOCRATS Kingdom of X by SL LOOT NFT WORLD POINT OF INTEREST (ARISTOCRAT'S CASTLE) PORT OF EXCLUSIVITY PEAK HERMES +7899 M HILL STATION X023 HILL STATION X012 32.40 KM Kingdom of X by SL LOOT NFT WORLD ARISTOCRAT'S CASTLE PLOT X001-160721 BOUNDARY: 1.25 KM PLOT X002-160721 X BY SL HIGHWAY X BY SL AVENUE H.M.LNFTLandRegistry TITLE NUMBER ISSUED ADMINISTRATIVE AREA SCALE X001-160721 16 July 2021 KINGDOM OF X BY SL Type-R-a: Minimum of 5.256% of all BUN sales, less Pioneer Badge rewards (in USDC); Mint 4 NFT Stories 1/50000 OWNER ENTITLEMENT e S eal of Her M a j e s t y e S eal of Her M a j e OFFICIAL PERSPECTIVE SHEET FOR FILING Indicate vantage point for each drawing. Copy and mark each sheet required prior to filing. Guide - Vantage point should be indicated as shown in the diagram: