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We take care of all your documents by safely storing them and make them readily available anytime and anywhere using any mobile device.

Use our unique Blockchain-based TamperProofID System to secure your documents.

What is is an online Document Management System that allows you to scan, track and archive your documents. Once your documents are scanned and uploaded, they can be easily tracked, archived and retrieved electronically from wherever you are, using any mobile device. also caters for organisations handling sensitive documents within a highly secured environment which is compliant to local and international standards such as the Data Protection Act 2004 and Sarbanes-Oxley (2002, America. Legislation covering new standards of corporate governance - data management is an integral part of the act) respectively.

Our unique proprietary TamperProofID System makes use of the Blockchain to certify that your documents are not tampered with by any third party. This ensures that your documents are stored in a safe environment.

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Simple, Intuitive and Powerful

With you will be able to:

  • Easily Scan, Upload and Organise your documents.
  • Advanced Search facility using keywords and metadata.
  • Share and Track your documents in real time within a controlled environment.
  • Apply relevant alerts to sensitive documents.
  • Combine structured metadata with your documents using user-defined fields.
  • Organise your archiving and retrieval process.
  • Generate analytical reports related to your documents.
  • Secure your documents with Blockchain
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